V2 - OVERTIME - Itch Release!

Tonight we're happy to inform everyone that we've updated the version of Prototype Mansion available here on Itch to the new V2 featuring OVERTIME mode!

We're keeping the original V1 available for download as well from the store page for anyone who wants to check out the older version.

Furthermore we've released Steam Keys for everyone who purchases a copy here on itch. Note that we have to order these keys in parcels, so if you buy the game here and a key is not available, just check back again in a day and I should have more keys up for purchasers.

Lastly we have not made a Mac OSX build of V2 yet (neither here nor on Steam). Our Mac is currently under the weather and I have to take it into to be repaired. As soon as it's up and working again I'll be making a Mac build, testing it, and getting it up on both here and Steam. Shouldn't take more than a week.

-Dylan (programmer)


PrototypeMansion.v2.1.1010.13.zip 75 MB
Jul 21, 2018
PrototypeMansion_Linux.v2.1.1110.13.zip 91 MB
Jul 21, 2018


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Hi I haven't received my steam key for the updated version, how would I go by getting it?

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When you're on the store page and you go to download the game here on itch, there is a link to 'get steam key'.