I want to start off with thanking everyone who has purchased 'Prototype Mansion - Used No Cover', we adore your support!

And we're happy to inform you an update is right around the corner on July 13th! Included in this update is:

1) Inventory/Weapon Swapping/Consumable Items
We've retro-fitted the inventory system we've been developing for episode 2 back into episode 1. You can now open your inventory with the press of the 'back' button and see what you're currently carrying.

Furthermore the weapon upgrades have been converted into their own weapons and they are swappable through the inventory or by the press of the L or R bumpers.

Also items like the 'potted plant' can now be stored in your inventory for later use.

2) Dodge/Shove
Cass now has the ability to dodge and shove enemies. By holding aim (r-trigger) and tapping run (x-button) and a direction, you will either dodge away from or shove into an enemy when timed right. Making it slightly easier to skoot past a crowd of zombies. You better learn to master this skill since it will be useful in...

3) Overtime!
You thought you escaped the mansion? Evil Hank is hunting you down! Find the ingredients to build the collapser rounds and take down Evil Hank who is breathing down your neck trying to knock your block off at every turn. Can you survive overtime mode?

July 13th, Prototype Mansion - Used No Cover will be available on Steam.

This is why the June update we've been talking about was taking a little while, we were going through the approval process for Steam. Tonight we got it and we're now up and running!

You may notice the new price on Steam, as well as here on itch as a result. We're asking $4.99 now that the game is in its released state.

But all of you that have purchased a copy already, no worries, you get the update at no extra charge. And as long as all goes well with our undstanding of steam keys, we'll be making steam keys available to those who already purchased the title through itch.

We truly want to thank you for supporting our project!

Episode 2 - Garden Variety Body Horror [JP] is going to be right around the corner!


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