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I can't finish the game, it always crashes and exits. This happened twice and I'm really not keen on starting for the 4th time to crash again. Any chance of further patching?

Hi, I purchased Prototype Mansion after seeing how good the game is. But when I purchased it, I only receive the download links but no steam key? Did you guys ran out of keys on this site?

I just checked and there are keys still available on this. Try following these instructions:

If that doesn't work e-mail us at with your order details (your email address you ordered with, and the date you purchased, and we can figure something out for you.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

It alright, I can see it now. Thanks for helping me. At first when I bought the game I only had the download link but no steam key, so I kept refreshing it for the pass 2 days. Maybe when you check to see if there are some keys it might have done something I don't know. But still though, thank you for helping me.

Happy you got it!


can I have a free full version game on zip file you can send it please sorry for asking I know you worked and used a lot of money on it very sorry for asking this just love this game highly please


Well, I have to say that the game seems like a marvel to me, that retro air, that nod to "Resident", that humor in the characters and voices of the phone, is everything I expected from this game, fantastic, bad ... some exits to the desk, not being able to configure the command, language ... but all this is forgotten when you are playing;),
In my opinion a superb game and highly recommended, by the way I uploaded a video to Youtube dying many times :( maybe it is very clumsy ...
The problems I had with the key was a matter between Paypal and "", thank you.


Hiya! I purchased Prototype Mansion a while ago and loved it! I just wanted to chime in and congratulate the steam release, Im hoping for a key BUT will glady pay again on steam if the keys run out, to support you guys and the hard work put in on such a great game :D I'm looking forward for Ep.2 ,  it'll be an awesome compliment for REmake 2 next year ;D Keep up the great work folks!

If you purchased the game here on, you should be able to claim a key here. Just come to the Prototype Mansion page and you should find a 'Claim Steam Key' button below the download links for the executables.

Also we've updated the executables here to the latest version as well.


a question, I bought the game and I have not received any mail that contains the files or the key for Steam, it usually takes a lot ???

As was stated in the devlog we'll be releasing steam keys once we've gone live on Steam. We're going live on Steam tonight at Midnight PST. We hope to have the keys available by this weekend.

More specifically:

 Tomorrow I'll be getting the keys from Steam and sharing them to purchasers on here. The process is done through where you can claim a key. I'll send out a bulk e-mail to all people who have purchased the game (as long as your e-mail was included in your purchasing receipt) which will include instructions on how to get that key through the itch website.

Because this is our first Steam release, and I've never set this steam key handout through itch before, there may be a learning curve I'm unaware of. So please be patient as we try to get them out over the next couple days. I want to have it all set up by this weekend.

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Also note that the Steam release is an updated version of the game as well which includes several new features in the main game, as well as an 'Overtime' mode. These features are not found in the current version found here on itch. A new itch build with these features will also be released here on Itch shortly after the Steam release.

Keep in mind, we're a 2 man team, so please bare with us as we try to get these builds done in a timely manner.

We also need to get our Mac repaired so we can get the OSX build out... that probably won't happen until next week unfortunately.

Oh, and lastly.

The itch version is available right here on the itch website for download. Once you've purchased the download link should appear on the store page in your browser.

 bought it on Thursday and I still have no notification of purchase or download, I also find that it is available in Syeam and cheaper than I have paid, very well for this sales system :(

It is the same price on Steam and

The download links, and claim steam key buttons should be visible on the itch store page for the game if you've purchased it.

If you're having problems using the itch website please contact itch support.

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Super excited to see how the game progresses from here. Keep up the great work!

Youtube Channel

This game looks awesome, but I am having trouble purchasing it. For some reason it is saying my card's zip code is not valid and I know it is. Is there something I should know?

I'm not sure.

The purchasing authentication goes through Maybe their support can assist you?

i know this is old, but i was wondering if you ever solved the problem? im experiencing the exact same thing...

i know this is old, but i was wondering if you ever solved the problem? im experiencing the exact same thing...

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Sorry  for the trouble, but I am trying to play the game with a PS4 controller and it isn't working.

I used also InputMapper as well, but it make the character circle around while holding the gun the character.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you

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So the PS4 controller's driver is really weird.

The L2 and R2 triggers read in the range of -1 to +1. Where -1 is depressed. And some inputs overlap.

This is completely different from ALL other controllers out there that read 0 to +1 or 0 to -1. Where 0 is depressed, and absolute(1) is pressed. 

This is why your character is spinning when you hold aim, it's registering it as a -1 to +1 input on the rstick which rotates your character.

I've since written a completely new input manager that recognizes PS3 and PS4 controllers and accomodates it. It's going to be in the update that is released later this month.

In the mean time I'd suggest mapping 'AIM' to something like R1 instead of R2. If you give me a moment I'll go grab a PS4 controller and try to come up with a mapping that works and post it here... it's my roommates controller though so I have to wait for him to get home.

Thank you for your time. I will wait for your news then. Cheers!!!

So here's what I did to get somewhat suitable controls with PS4 controller in the current released version.

When you start the game in the settings window select input settings. For all the inputs double click the entries and set it to what you prefer.

Then for 'Digital Aim' make the secondary the R1 button (or L1 if you prefer).

Then for 'Analogue Aim' you need to set it to some analogue input that is 0 when not pressed. On the PS4 controller I went with the D-Pad Y-axis (up on the d-pad). Since I use the L-stick for movement, the d-pad doesn't do anything.

I did as you asked, but sadly even if now that the problem with the menu stopped, my character still circle while aiming...

Are 'Analogue Aim' and 'Analogue Right Joystick X' set to the same values?

If not, there might be an issue with your R-stick. PS4 controllers often will read values from the R-stick oddly I've found. They don't zero out correctly. Try disconnecting the gamepad and reconnecting with the sticks in the center (as best you can). Also make sure you don't have any secondary remapping software running. And then in game once it's started waggle the stick slightly which should zero it out.

If that doesn't work, there's not a whole lot more I can do for ya as I don't know your controller setup.

As stated before we are going to be releasing an update soon that has upgraded controllers support. Although if your problem is related to a remapping tool or anything, there isn't a lot I can do about that even in the newer version as it's related to the controller and not the game.

Either way, expect a beta version of this update in the next week or so. The artist is currently doing a polish pass on the lighting.

Does Chapter 2 has it's own page on or is it going to be in one pack or dlc in this game page?

It'll have its own page.

It's going to be called 'Garden Variety Body Horror', if you follow us you'll be alerted of its release.


Already did it after i found out about this game on

Haven't gotten very far in it yet... but a few notes so far:

  • Mac version says it's not optomized.
  • Gamepad controls don't work for me.  I can move, but none of the action buttons work, so I had to switch to keyboard.
  • Keyboard controls aren't listed.  I figured out space/enter is interact and shift is run, but I couldn't find the shoot button.  First zombie killed me because I can't shoot.  The splash screen input listings aren't helpful either, I eventually found right-click to aim even though that's not listed in the controls.


  • Rebuilding the game with a newer Unity version to optimize it.
  • Use the InControl asset for (almost) universal gamepad support.
  • Get rid of the splash screen, make an in-game menu to change graphics settings and remap controls.
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We're working on an updated version to be released near the end of the month.

It uses my newer input manager to replace the crappy Unity one. Currently it's configured for X360 controller and to modify it you have to use the garbo unity input manager when you start the game. The new input manager I wrote auto-detects most controllers, and has an in game menu to change inputs if you don't like the default.

We can not move to a newer version of Unity for this game. We will be moving to the newer Unity in our future games after this series is done.

Splash screen removal requires premium Unity. We are not currently at the budget level to afford doing so (this is a 2-man project done in our garage).

Inputs are defined in the title screen under 'Controls'. In the newer version that comes out later this month the controls screen will also appear in the pause menu. On keyboard/mouse you hold right click to aim, and left click to fire (if you're on mac with one button mouse, you're sort of shit out of luck in the current version).

  • Looking forward to the updated controls.  I typically use either a Logitech or PS4 controller so hopefully those are supported.
  • Can't move to a newer version of Unity?  Well, anyway, I was getting the same message on many apps, yours was just the first.  Turns out it's because Apple is dropping support for 32-bit apps.  If you replace this with a 64-bit build from the same Unity version, it should fix that (and prevent support from being dropped by Apple entirely in a couple months)
  • To get rid of the splash screen, go to Edit, Project Settings, Player.  In the inspector, go to the Standalone Player tab, Resolution and Presentation, and change Display Resolution Dialog from "Enabled" to "Disabled".  I don't think you need the pro version.
  • I don't think there's actually such a thing as a one-button mac mouse, not for 15-20 years.  Anyway, I don't know of any Mac gamers who even use Apple mice. I use Razer.
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Oh you're not talking about the splash screen (where it says 'made with unity' on startup). You mean the configuration window that appears before the game starts.

Yeah, that's there because it's where you can configure the inputs for your controller.

Yeah, the update supports PS4 controller. And of course the config window will no longer be there since we've changed out the input manager. These are the profiles I've defined so far:

And yeah, we can't move version. We're on version lock since updating to Unity2017 would be a huge amount of work. There's no point in doing that, it doesn't have anything we need.


Great job! You guys deserve a pat on the back for this, I totally loved it! I hope development is going good on Ep. 2, I can't wait! Best of luck :D  


Gave it a go...


Wow, the game is awesome, and its only the First Episode! I loved the old school feeling. Have been looking for something like this for months. Can't wait the next releases!! I really hope that the next games introduces us with inventory and other weapons, and more exploration and puzzles o//


Loving it so far! Only one problem - I can't aim with a dualshock (PS4) controller. The trigger opens the pause menu. And when using mouse and keyboard Cass starts spinning when I aim, so not ideal :P Hope you can work in full controller support - I use Rewired myself and it's done a great job for me so far.

I'm having the same issue, but the game is great!


That's awesome! Can we get the files to print our own cd covers? I love it!

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Added a .zip above, enjoy!

Awesome! Thanks


Any plans for a steam release?

Down the line, maybe!

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Just finished the game. I really think it has potential if reworked a bit but for what it is I did enjoy it a lot. Super happy to support and play. Everyone should definitely try it. I'll tell everyone  I know.

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I just finished your review. It was excellent. Thank you for playing and for taking the time to write it! We're taking many notes for the next episode (and future fixings of this one) -- so every bit helps. Stoked you enjoyed it!

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Can I ask what engine this game was developed in please? I read through your website and saw Unity mentioned in a couple of posts, but I wasn't sure from looking at material for the game if it was made with Unity or an entirely custom engine. I'm mainly asking because this game looks GORGEOUS for a Unity game if it is one.


Yes, it was done with Unity.

Unity 5.6.3f1 to be exact.

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Artist here - thanks a lot! Unity gets a bad rap because of how many people use ONLY out-of-the-box visual features. But you can make just about any engine look any way you like if you just climb up under the hood for a bit.  

That being said, this look took a long time under the hood.


A game like this for only a few dollars is an absolute steal. You could be asking for much more so I appreciate how much work probably went into this game. I just hope the low price will bring a lot of people in to play your game because it needs to have many people playing it.

Thanks, Workster! We hope so too ;D


The game is certainly high quality. It's difficult, but you certainly can find out a way to beat it after several times of retry. At first I hate that I must start over again and again, but I certainlly get better and start to thinking about resources management and saving my bullets. This certainly reminds me of the old Resident Evil, and this one is in great quality. Should I be the spoiler that I love the hidden room in this game. At first I thought the hidden room is impossible to break, but I eventually got the nice upgrade without taking any damage. Good Job, thanks a lot for your work! By the way, I hope that it could have a saving feature so that I don't need to start all over again after I quit the game.

Last release v1.0.014 has checkpoints between each major section.
Adding 2 more checkpoints to the game now.
Episode 2 will introduce a more robust saving feature.

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This is amazing guys ! Kinda difficult I must say, even if I'm used to play such games as Resident Evil early series. But YOU managed to create what I had in mind for years now ! :) Thanks a lot !

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Awesome! Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot to us.

That downstairs area can be a real pain in the ass, as there is no save until the [REDACTED]. We'll be updating the save system soon in a few important ways. Can't promise it'll make the enemies any easier though!


For sure I don't want them to be any easier. But for now, I guess I have to learn by heart where are ammo and plants to do my travel, which is more like puzzle than action thing ;) A save feature would for sure make things more engaging !


Btw I loved The this game. I Gave It 4 stars in rating


Will there ever be a Linux version?


This week I'm working on OSX & Linux versions.

Just need to set up test environments.


cool! Looking forward for it :)

Linux build is now available.


cool! Gonna check it out whenever I wake up. Cheers!