Released just in time to claim a Halloween release!

In the 11th hour we were able to get 'Garden Variety' live and claim a Halloween release for "Garden Variety - Body Horror"!

It was a very long day of both working and handing out candy to the neighbourhood kids. Probably had a little too much candy ourselves as well.

As with the last game if you purchase the game here on you can claim a steam key to go with it. If the keys run low, don't worry, we'll have them updated with more in no time.

Now to relax with a glass of wine and play some spooky games until we pass out!

Files 202 MB
Version 23 Jan 07, 2019 160 MB
Version 23 Jan 23, 2019 177 MB
Version 23 Jan 23, 2019 202 MB
Version 2 Nov 01, 2018 160 MB
Version 1 Nov 01, 2018 177 MB
Version 1 Nov 01, 2018


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